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Calcinor Group logotipo calcinor The Calcinor Group began its activity in 1974 and from the very start it has been committed to the quality of raw materials and the use of the very best techniques available to obtain its products. It is now the leading lime producer in Spain.

Its factories, located in different parts of the country, produce:
• Sintered dolomite
• Calcined dolomite
• Lime and lime derivatives
• Precipitated calcium carbonate

The numerous industrial processes and applications in which these products are used (iron and steel industry, construction, smelting, paper, glass, ceramics, water and gas treatment, and many others) demand them to be of the highest quality, and require intense research in their development to give an individualised response to each client.

The Group currently has 17 calcining and 3 sintering furnaces.

In 2001, Refractarios KELSEN became part of the CALCINOR GROUP in a merger aimed at offering a global service to meet the needs of steel makers, from lime and calcined dolomite to refractory products.
Belen Industriagunea, 1 - 20150 Aduna (Guipúzcoa) - Tel: +34 943.69.60.99 - Fax: +34 943.69.17.77 - Email: - Kelsen 2011

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