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Facilities Instalaciones de Kelsen The production process of Kelsen Refractories S.A. begins with the control and analysis of the Raw Materials needed to manufacture our products. This verifies compliance with the required specifications, whether they come from our own (Dolomite sinter) or third-party (Magnesites, graphite olivines, bauxites, corundum, calcined clays, silicas, zirconium silicates, cements, pitches and tars, resins and other additives) resources.

Once compliance with the specifications has been verified, the raw materials are ground and screened on three different grinding lines. This prevents contamination of the raw materials and consists in total of five mills and screens. Raw materials that do not need to be ground, together with the ground and screened ones, are stored in the corresponding dispensing silos. During this process, quality controls are performed to guarantee the grain size distribution established for each silo.

The process continues with the automatic dispensing and mixing of the various components (dry goods, binders and other additives). The three independent weighing lines, with a total of four mixers make it possible to manufacture a broad range of products. Formed and non-formed, basic (Dolomite or Magnesite) and non-basic (silica, zirconium, alumina), and aggregates either with pitch, resins or acids. The established grain size distribution controls are conducted periodically.
For formed products, the process continues with the pressing of the previously mixed mass. For this purpose there are five hydraulic presses, three 1600 T and two 2000T. Size and density controls are carried out at the presses to guarantee correct tolerances and specifications. The system is fully automated and operated by robots to avoid manual handling of the bricks.

If necessary, the process continues with the curing or tempering of the bricks in a modern tempering kiln. This burns off volatiles from the binders used in the pressing process, thus avoiding problems of fume emissions during pre-heating at the customerís plant.
Once the bricks have been made they are palletised automatically by robots and wrapped and labelled on the packing line. Random samples are taken to the laboratory during this procedure for analysis prior dispatch.
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