Magnesia-carbon and Alumina-Magnesia-carbon
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Magnesia-carbon and Alumina-Magnesia-carbon producto de kelsen Kelsen Refractories S.A. is a company whose core business has always been the iron and steel sector. This entails an implicit commitment to satisfying the needs of its clients, namely steelworks.
This is why we have diversified our range of products to complement our Dolomite bricks with grades of Magnesia-Carbon and Alumina-Magnesia-Carbon in designs that require this, either due to process difficulties or to more stringent demands.
Moreover, we can also manufacture our bricks with pitch and phenol resins, and have three independent production lines that afford great production flexibility to our plant.
For the tempering of bricks bonded with pitch and for curing those bonded with phenol resins, we have a modern furnace with sufficient capacity to treat the whole range of products we manufacture.

More specifically, the Magnesia–Carbon bricks are used in:
• LD converter linings.
• Electric Arc Furnace Linings.
• Slag lines of refining ladles subjected to great stress by vacuum or degassing processes.
• Panels in slag lines directly above the stirring units that are traditionally lined with Dolomite-Magnesia-Carbon.
• Lining of bottoms and walls in casting ladles where the parameters needed to work with Dolomite are not met.
• Safety lining for casting ladle slag lines.

The Alumina-Magnesia-Carbon bricks are used in:
• Severe impact areas in casting ladle bottoms.
• Linings of bottoms and walls in stainless steel casting ladles, killed with Aluminium.
The manufacturing process of these grades begins with the selection of the Raw Materials.

Not having our own resources allows us to:
• Select the Raw Materials best suited to our requirements on the worldwide market.
• Have alternative suppliers.
• Guarantee supply with keeping sufficient stock.
• Sign agreements that guarantee supply.
• Access new raw materials quickly.
• Update our technical know-how, which is indispensable for the selection of our Raw Materials.
• Implement strict quality control by utilising our well-equipped laboratory supported by the main laboratory of the Calcinor Group.

The process continues with the grinding and screening of raw materials, feeding silos with the established grain sizes and mixing in our three automatic and independent lines. The process of manufacturing the bricks in highly automated hydraulic presses, followed by curing or tempering, if necessary, follows this. Finally, the Quality Control Department checks the established control parameters.

Kelsen Refractories S.A. believes that a quality product is one that is suitable for the use to which it is to be put, and we therefore see technical assistance to our customers as a priority, since the observations of our experts give rise to proposals for improvement which in turn make it possible to pinpoint and solve problems and reduce specific refractory costs.
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