Kelsen Refractarios Working for the Basque language is an award-winner premio euskera Donostia. Ziurtagiriaren Elkartea held the second Bai Euskarari award ceremony yesterday at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre, which this year paid tribute to Refractarios Kelsen and the Hirukide school for their actions in promoting and implementing the Basque language in their organisations. The ex-secretary of Kontseilua, Xabier Mendiguren, also received the "Bai Euskarari Laguna" award for his work in standardising the Basque language, which represented public acknowledgement of his work throughout the years.

Ziurtagiriaren Elkartea acknowledged the work of Refractarios Kelsen "for its efforts in translating signs, headings, external and internal documents into the Basque language, and for attempting to keep contact with its suppliers in Basque." The person responsible for the Department of Process Control and Planning, Ainhoa Montes, explained that the award was "the result of our corporate social responsibility." She pointed out that "taking the appropriate measures to include the Basque language in our company has not been a mere adornment, but rather a reflection of our genuine belief in its efficacy."

premio euskera Similarly, the Hirukide school was given an award for its "outstanding commitment" to the Basque language in recent years, thanks to its design and development of a successful linguistic programme. The person responsible for the centre’s linguistic planning, Joseba Antxustegietxarte, explained that "great efforts are being made to increase the presence and use of the Basque language, not only in academic teaching, but also in our extra-curricular activities."

For his part, Xabier Mendiguren was visibly moved by the award, admitting that this type of recognition “is never expected.” The former general secretary of Kontseilua expressed that "the first thing that comes to mind is that you have merely tried to do what you were supposed to do, but it is a wonderful feeling to know that someone has thought of you, and to see how your work over the years has been acknowledged."

The director of Ziurtagiria, Rober Gutiérrez, wished to take into account not just the award-winners, but also all the organisations and bodies that have been given the Bai Euskarari certification, and all their employees.
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