Our products producto de kelsen In Oxygen steel-making plants, Kelsen products are used in safety and working linings in converters, casting ladles and ladle furnace applications. We also supply products for the blast furnace troughs and torpedo-ladles for the transport of pig iron.

In Electrical steel-making plants Kelsen products are used in AC and DC Furnaces, Ladle Furnaces and Mixing Troughs? For the production of stainless steel, we also supply products for the AOD Converter and Transfer Ladles.

Dolomite bricks
Dolomite-Carbon Bricks
Dolomnite-Magnesia Carbon bricks
Magnesite Bricks
Magnesia-Carbon bricks
Alumina-Magnesia-Carbon bricks
Aluminia-Carbon bricks
Dolomite ramming and filling masses
Magnesite masses for spraying, guniting and patching
Magnesite masses
H.E.A. floor ramming

Silica-Zirconium bricks and masses
Alumina-Zirconium bricks and masses
Aluminous Cements
Aluminous concretes

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