Production process at Kelsen producto de kelsen The production process begins upon receipt of the sintered dolomite briquettes from the Calcinor Groupís quarry in the municipality of Bueras in Cantabria.

This Raw Material is characterised by its low Fe2O3 content and high density. This is achieved by our dual sintering process ensuring a constant chemical composition that ensures a constant brick quality.

Once the sinter has been received it is ground in a centrifugal mill and screened, sorted and conveyed to the silo in five different grain sizes for better quality control of the product.

The dispensing process is conducted automatically on a weighing belt, one for coarse grains and the other for fines. At this stage dependent on the brick quality or mass, the magnesite and/or graphite additions needed for their production is added.

For bricks and masses manufactured with pitch binders, the coarse fraction is heated in a rotary kiln and then added to the mixer; the fine fraction is then added (with no need for pre-heating).

A separate mixer is used for qualities manufactured with resin binders, but no pre-heating of the grains is required.

Following mixing, the masses are pressed in five hydraulic presses, three 1600T and two 2000T. Size and density controls are carried out at the presses to guarantee correct tolerances and specifications. The system is fully automated and operated by robots to avoid manual handling of the bricks.

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